Job Demands Analyses

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A job demands analysis provides a clear definition of the physical and cognitive demands required for a specific job. It can also help to identify specific tasks of a job that have particularly high demands. Job demands analysis are useful in determining what jobs an employee can return to after an injury, by allowing the employer to make decisions based on the employee’s limitations and the specific demands of the job. Job demands analysis are also instrumental in developing pre-employment physicals to screen potential employees before hiring, ensuring that job applicants are capable of handling the physical demands required for the job.

To perform a job demands analysis, an ergonomic consultant will meet with one or two employees and a manager of the job that is being analyzed, interviewing them to find out as much information about the job as possible. After that the ergonomic consultant will observe the job being performed, for one to several hours depending on the complexity of the job. During the observation the consultant will take various measurements to determine the physical demands required to perfrom the job, including push and pull forces, walk distances, etc. After the assessment a report will be provided, outlining the physical and cognitive demands of the job.

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