Office Assessments

Bodies in motion, stay in motion.  Bodies at rest, stay at rest. 
We will get you Back in Motion!
Working at a desk and using a computer can be dangerous if the workstation is not setup properly. Often a number of factors can be addressed with a short visit from an ergonomics consultant including, educating the employee on how to adjust their chair, proper positioning of the keyboard and monitor, where  commonly used devices such as the phone and printer should be located, and more.

A report that outlines the findings from the assessment will be provided within a week of the assessment. The report will include a description of any changes that were made during the assessment. It will also include any recommendations for behavior changes, workstation setup, and equipment that will reduce the risk of injury at the workstation.

Most office assessments with a report will take between one and a half to two hours to complete.

Would you like a number of your employees to have an office assessment to ensure they are set up properly?

Have a consultant come in to meet with a number of employees and give individual recommendations to each person. Generally, three to four employees can be seen in an hour. A short report on the findings of each assessment and any specific recommendations for employees will be provided within a week of the assessment.

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